When you have a problem or a question in any area, you are looking for the best person in the whole wide world to help you.
When you know of such people to back you up life becomes a lot easier, success in your personal life and your work life becomes so much more likely.
So how do you find this "best person?'
We believe that if you send emails to those who might qualify it soon becomes clear who may be the best you've found so far to help you.
It's a principle on which we're relying more and more.
Sending the same email to a number of people and organisations is easy - you can send lots in even half an hour.
But putting the email addresses together can be very time consuming.
We aim to help with this problem by putting together lists of people who purport to have expertise in various areas.
If you need to start dealing with a person or organisation who operates in a particular area, and you're trying to decide between a number of possibilities, this is what we strongly suggest you do - use their ordinary email address to send them a reasonable question, and their response, or lack of response, will make it a lot easier for you to decide.
(If they don't have an ordinary email address, don't even consider using them.)
It's a principle on which we're relying more and more.
What you/we are looking for is:-
(1) Evidence that one or more people, (enough of them,) have the job of providing reasonable responses to reasonable questions.
(2) Indications in any response that the person providing it is reasonably capable.
Where these criteria are met, it can be a joy dealing with the people and organisations concerned, if not it can soon turn into a nightmare.
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Created: 11 Feb 2017 Worked on:13 Feb 2017