A guide to using eFax to send emails to fax numbers and receive faxes as emails.
Click on eFax and you will be taken to a page in which the following appears:-
If you haven't already done so, log in.
What you do next will depend on whether the details of the person/organisation to whom you are wanting to send your email/fax to have already been entered into the eFax systems or not. If they have been, you can proceed to send you email/fax in the way described later in this guide. If not, this is the way you enter these details.
(1) Click once on "VIEW FAXES" in the above window and you will be taken to a page in which the following appears:-
(2) Click once on Contacts - - and this will appear:-
(3) Click once on - - and this will appear:-
(4) Add the details you want added, noting carefully how Australian fax numbers are to be entered, and click once on "Save" in the bottom left hand corner.
(We don't know why there's provision to add an email address, because, if your contact had an email address you'd hardly be going to all the trouble to use an email to fax service, would you.)
You should now be ready ready to send an email/fax to a fax number.
(1) Go back to this window as shown at the top of this guide and click once on "SEND FAXES."
This window will appear.
(2) Type in the first one or two words of the recipient you want to send your email to, and click once on "Choose From Contacts."
This window will appear.
(3) Click once on the box to the left of Dr Lam's name, and a tick will apear.
(4) Click once on the "Add" at the bottom and this window will appear.
(5) Type in your subject and message and click once on the "Send Fax" at the bottom, and a window like this should appear.
In due course, you should get a "Service Notification" like this.
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Created: 14 Mar 2017 Worked on: 6 Apr 2017